I’m Ms. Charly. I’ve been an OT for 8 years. I began my practice in geriatrics. I’ve been in pediatrics since 2016 and am loving it.

I was born and raised in Lakewood, OH, a suburb of Cleveland. I joined the army right after high school where I met my husband. We were both in the 33rd Army Band in Heidelberg Germany. We have moved 22 times. I have had an Ohio, Hawaii, South Carolina and now North Carolina OT license.

We have 2 grown children, Heather who still lives in Lakewood working for a non-profit in the arts and Jacob who is in the army, currently stationed at Ft. Riley, KS and will be married to Kelsee in June 2018. They also met while stationed together in Hawaii. We also have a third boy, Bryan, who joined our family during Jacob’s senior year of high school. They are best friends and he needed a new home. He already spent so much time at our house that it was an easy decision. Bryan is also in the army stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY and is married. \

We recently adopted a dog, Baloo. He is a chow mix and a lovable goofball. I enjoy yoga, hula, singing and crafting.