Hi! My name is Luke and I was born in Tucson, Arizona. I have spent the last half of my life on the east coast in the Wilmington area, as I am definitely a beach person at heart! I spend most of my free time with my wife raising my daughter and trying to figure out the secret of how to be a dad! I am a big fan of football, kayaking, hiking, "Sunday drives", and the outdoor life in general. After many years of working in veterinary rehab, I went back to school and graduated from Cape Fear Community College in 2016 as Vice President of the Student Occupational Therapy Association and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Occupational Therapy distinction. I have been with Creative Hands ever since then, and have developed a particular interest in treatments through the use of sensory techniques, art, strengthening, and use of modern technologies to help foster and grow each child's potential and well being! I believe that therapy is best provided as a team, therefore, I am passionate about including the parents, family, school, and any other person that makes up your child’s daily life in order to assist your child to reach his or her greatest potential!